How Barkibu Assistant can help me with my Pet health?

You just have to enter the main symptoms your Pet’s experiencing and based on that we’ll give you some insights. Get immediate help 24/7.

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    How does it work?

    You answer simple questions about your pet’s health and symptoms. Barkibu's AI assesses your answers against its medical dictionary of thousands of disorders and conditions.

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    24/7 Free access

    You can use Barkibu Assistant for free anytime, anywhere. It will always give you immediate answers and guidance.

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    For dogs and cats

    Barkibu Assistant can help you to find what could be wrong with your dog or cat and what to do next.


Connect with a Vet 24/7

Your personal Pet Health Assistant

  • Artificial Intelligence System

    Developed by veterinarians and scientists, our app is trustworthy, fast, and available when and where you need it.

  • Professional Communication

    You’ll be able to get in touch with professionals to solve your Pet health issue

    Very soon!
  • Health Reports

    You’ll have a full report of every assessments and symptoms of your Pet.

    Very soon!